dimarts, 12 de març de 2019

Treballs de recerca 2019:Hàbitat i biodiversitat a les algues marines

In this project I will try to demonstrate that marine algae, which are part of any marine ecosystem, are essential for the organisms and animals that inhabit this ecosystem. 

I'm going to catch different species of algae in different seas to see how many organisms and what type there are in the algae, to prove that depending on the type of algae, colour, weight, size and shape, there might be more organisms inhabiting in one algae than in another. I will also investigate the different ways in which, depending on the species, algae can be used in industries such as food industry and pharmaceuticals.

I went to the Cantabric sea and caught two algae of one species with three different species, and I followed the same process in the Mediterranean sea. Then I counted the organisms that were caught with the algae through a microscope to classify them so that I could compare the results between the different algae.

Froilán C.P., alumne de 2n de Baxtillerat