diumenge, 10 de febrer de 2019

Treballs de recerca 2019: Particle physics: a didactic vision of the universe

The objective of this project was to help me learn more about particle physics and the universe and ways that the theories related to each of them can be fused.

Obviously, I wasn’t able to do a very exciting practical part, because it’s very difficult to get in contact with organisations that would have been able to help me with that part of my project. Thus why I chose to talk about the ALBA synchrotron in the practical part of my work.

From this project, I have learned that the “small world” and the “big world” are completely different and it will be an odyssey to try to find a theory that can explain both of them at the same time. It will be even more difficult to prove the theory to be true.

Nowadays, the theory that has more chances of becoming accepted is string theory. It is still being developed and has not yet been proved to be true, and even though we have very good tools that can help with proving some parts of it, I think it’ll be very difficult to prove the existence of “extra dimensions”.

Particle accelerators could be one of the tools used to prove these kinds of theories. CERN’s LHC could maybe be of help, but ALBA would definitely not. This shows how not every particle accelerator is dedicated to “discovering how the universe was created” like some people believe. This belief often brings people to stay away from particle accelerators like ALBA, making them remain mostly unknown to researchers who could be able to use them in their projects.

Laia A.G., Alumna de 2n de Batxillerat